Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday Moda #103: Thoughts on Personal Style.

 Are you one of those people who thinks long and hard about what to wear at any given day?! Well, if you are a style blogger, the answer is most likely YES. See, with me personally - even though I have been running a fashion+style blog for 6 years now - I am not always one of those people. Yes, sometimes I think long and hard about a certain outfit whether it is something I need to just go out of the door on my mom days or something for a style challenge, a blog collaboration or an event I am going to. I also think more about my work outfits. I like to feel and look a little bit nicer and more curated at work, while being professional. It is the right thing to do. And of course if I am going to a shower or a wedding, I do think carefully about what to wear and how to accessorize. But there are days when I literally just throw on some clothes. Those days it is mind over matter type of thing. And yes, some of those outfits turn out great, some are just fine, some look better on than in pictures, some photograph well yet don't look so good in real life, some are not so good and some are God-awful. I have even posted several God-Awful outfits on the blog especially in the first 3 years (half of the time) I have been blogging. Some I knew were awful and shouldn't have even posted them. Some I looked upon on other times and said to myself "O my God that is a bad look!" And some I have blogged on purpose even-though I knew they were quite bad, because I am a human and just like we all have bad days or days when we feel like shit, we also have bad outfit days and it is OK to post those too (not all of them, but at least some). Life isn't everything you see on pretty selfies and curated Instagram photos. It is OK to show the world our bad or not-so glamorous side. Let's face it, we cannot always look beautiful, feel pretty or look like a million bucks! Plus, when we post an outfit that isn't so pretty, heck even an ugly outfit, we can definitely learn from our fashion mistakes and a fashion faux pas we might have made. Am I right?

Fashion is something that is sold in stores and boutiques. Fashion is in magazines, on Pinterest, on Instagram. It comes from different retailers, brands and designers. While style is something entirely different. Style is what you make of fashion. Style is personal. It is not one size fits all. Style is exactly how you feel that day because you chose that particular outfit to show the world how you felt. See the thing is you can rock something that is 20 years old, 10 years old, 5 years old, a month old or something you literally bought today. You can rock past trends and current ones. You just have to know how. And I think it all comes with experience and experiments. And I have never been shy to experiment with style. What is the worst that could happen, besides a God-awful outfit lol? Some trends are totally not for me, some fashions I have entirely failed. But there are outfits where I have knocked it out of the park, like in red dress collaboration post. And yet there were 2 people who hated that look, which is fine. But see, that red dress outfit is the one outfit I have felt the best in throughout 2018 so far. And even-though I had a great day the day I wore that outfit, I think the look had a lot to do with how I felt... 

Lately, on my Insta Stories on my Instagram, I have been posting my outfits of the day, what I wear during that day. I have done it for months, but even more so the last couple of weeks. I don't have time to do it every day but when I do I snap a couple of pics and I even do a little video rundown of my outfit. In the recent weeks, I have done little polls for my readers and asked them whether they like that particular outfit?! Usually the answer is YES but there are also some NOs - I am being honest. I have also noticed the same couple of women who almost always say NO on the polls I do. Which is fine, they are entitled to their opinions, but I know for a fact that not every outfit I have put together in the last couple of weeks has been awful or bad. Actually, I am proud of the outfits I have put together recently, like the one today for example. This outfit was literally thrown together in 2 minutes flat. I really wanted to wear this Fun Boxy Caramel Velvet Blouse (I scored on huge sale at Loft) and besides the fact that I knew I would wear a jacket with it, I had no idea which jacket and what bottoms. My closet is over-flowing with clothes but I quickly found this Black Floral Bomber and the fact that it has some caramel flowers made me happy because it was a beautiful match with the velvet top. Then, I literally grabbed these Black Stirrup Leggings for a little edge and fun into my look. I put them on together (last Friday for work) and all three pieces worked their magic and created this fun+different look I was so happy with and it got several thumbs up in real life, too. I thought about wearing my Black Pumps with the Tortoise Heels but once I opened the shoe closet, these Gold Snakeskin Pumps with the Red Soles spoke to me and I felt that all the caramel and gold shades with the black were perfect... what do you think?! Yeay or Nay on this outfit?! Pretend you are filling out one of my Insta Story polls?!

... And speaking of the Instagram polls about my OOTDs and the two ladies who continuously 'dislike' my outfits, I ain't mad or discouraged. Because see, style is an emotion. Everyone sees style differently. One's look might not be their cup of tea. I dislike plenty of outfits other people wear, on a daily basis, too. My point is, wear whatever the fuck you want whenever you want to (sorry for swearing but I am trying to emphasize my point and yes I swear sometimes)! Who cares if someone else will like it?! And who cares if it may not be your best outfit?! It is just for one day or for a few hours even?! You will wake up the next day and do one better! Most of us have a few outfits we feel of as our 'uniforms' and it is OK to wear those often. But at the same time, bring out all the other sides of your personality. You want to be a vixen one day and ladylike or demure the next?! Do it! You want to be posh and elegant one day but totally rocker-chic another day?! Do it! You want to be all pink and girly with pom poms, tassels and whatnot one day, but keep it simple and classic by wearing all black the next day?! Do it! You want to feel like a wallflower one day and like the center of attention the next?! Do it! No matter what you wear, wear it with a smile! And, always remember to carry your confidence with you. People will make comments, some are compliments, some are in between and some are plain rude. You do you and this doesn't just pertain to clothing. You do you when it comes to how you drink your coffee, what you eat, how you parent your children, how you teach your children, how you wash your clothes, how you fold your laundry, how you spend your Saturday nights... well you get my gist.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Poetry - Once Again...

About ten days ago, I posted a love poem I had recently written (here). I mentioned that I used to write a lot of poetry but then some years I had very little or no inspiration. However, recently I have started writing again and today I am here with another love poem. Again I don't think of myself as this huge writer or as if I have all this talent but I do believe I have some talent. And what's more important, I write about what comes to me and about how I feel. These are my pure thoughts and metaphors, some pretty and some not so much. So here is another poetry for you guys. Let me know if you like these poems and if I should continue doing some poetry posts on the blog? I always appreciate your honest but kind constructive criticism and feedback. Thank you, oh so much!

Once Again… (Poetry written at 12.58 Midnight on February 18th AM 2018)

Darkness reminds us that there is always light
and it will light up the fire within you.
Darkness reminds us that the stars always shine,
even if the moon decides to not make an appearance tonight.

Time heals everything and everyone,
even the most painful of souls,
time even surprises us at the end
because we learn to smile again and move on!

Just when we think this is the end,
we are reminded that it is just the beginning,
we may have suffered through a storm or two
but there is a rainbow there through an open door…

Life is never easy and relationships are hard,
we fall down, we break, we shatter our hearts,
we breathe inside the helium of the highest highs
and we cry like babies when we are feeling low…

We shed so many tears and we fall apart,
we forget to see the beauty within us,
we let something or someone build up our walls,
because we want to protect ourselves yet we are alone…

We go entire days and nights without eating or sleeping,
we go through each stage of being broken up,
we cry and we laugh, we suffer and we remember
we remember the good times and the bad…

Then, one day we wake up and feel beautiful again
after a long, restful night of sleep,
a smile curls up our lips all of a sudden,
we rise up, face the sun and get ready to greet the day!

As time moves on and so have you and him,
you are so many steps closer to finding yourselves
you wake up the queen that lies inside each of us,
the queen is there to rule and grab life by its horns!

And just like that we find solace in someone else’s arms,
just like that we find ourselves and perhaps a soulmate,
just like that the pain seems more bearable
and all of a sudden you are ready to fall in love again…

One night you make love again and it feels like the first time,
you have nothing to lose and everything to gain,
it is your turn not to hide anymore
and to feel loved, appreciated and gorgeous once again!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Red Dresses Collaboration for Women's Heart Disease Awareness.

I am so excited about today's collaboration with some of my best blogging friends. First of all, did you all know that February is not only the month of Love but it is also the month of Women's Heart Disease and Awareness?! Heart Disease is the number one natural leading cause of death in women. You can read more about it here. In honor of Women's Heart Disease the "Go Red" campaign was born, because red symbolizes the heart. And first it was simply wearing the color red but then the red dress turned into the symbol of Women's Heart Disease. Which brings us to today's post. It is all about honoring Women's Heart Disease Awareness. 11 of us women who blog - from late 20s to their 40s - got together to bring you our take on a Little Red Dress. I am extremely excited about this last February collaboration with these amazing women, not only because today's stylish outfit suits a very honorable, good cause but also because I get to wear a red dress. I probably own as many red dresses as I own black or white ones. Red is my color, after all! I love a good LRD! And my LRD today is a good one. I purchased it to wear it for Valentine's Day - which is the exact outfit I wore on February 14th this past Wednesday - and I happened upon it at my local Macy's. This particular red dress was the only one left at the store, in a size XSmall (my size - yesssss for losing a few pounds, it shows ...I think) on a clearance rack. It is by Michael Kors. It fit perfectly. The price was a steal! Of course I had to purchase it. Plus, this outfit received so many thumbs up and positive compliments. Everyone that saw this dress loved it!!

Red  Dresses  for  Women's  Heart  Disease + Awareness  Month.

Check out everyone's blogs today because every single one of these ladies has on a pretty red dress. But they also styled them beautifully. I cannot believe how different each red dress was and how different each one of us styled our Little Red Dresses. Laura with her very adorable mini Claire even matched theirs with denim jackets. Shelbee improvised by pairing a midi skirt with a tucked-in top, Kellyann is a modern+girly Dorothy in her beautiful gingham red dress - one of my favorite outfits today, along Jennie's outfit where she layered her sleeveless red sheath with a striped tee underneath and added a big black rose pin.
LRD (Little Red Dress) - Michael Kors via Macy's (on Huge Sale).

Long Loop+Crystal+Tassel, Red Statement Earrings - Express.
4-Stranded, Rose Gold+Silver Crystal Pave Bracelet Cuff: Charlotte Russe.
This Red Fit+Flare Dress by Michael Kors is gorgeous. It is in a very soft jersey material while the shoulders and highest part of the neckline, as well as the hemline is this perforated square mosaic see-through mesh piece that looks like a fun, modern lace. There is a hint of this same perforated mesh right on the waist. I think with the few pounds I have lost, this dress suited me nicely. I decided to go for Matching Red Statement Earrings which are shaped like a big loop with super long tassels (they are very light though). I bought them the same day as the dress and the earrings are from Express. As far as the other jewelry, I wore my Intricate Silver Crystal Pave Cocktail Ring (slso by Express) and 2 other Rose Gold Sparkly Little Rings (by Charlotte Russe). But look at that Grecian Cuff. Such a statement-maker with all the four strands of pave crystals (it was a steal for 5 bucks at Charlotte Russe). I decided to go for a Colorful, Jewel-Toned Clutch and grabbed this oldie but goodie from my clutch drawer. It is a Teal Fold-Over Patent Leather Clutch by Old Navy. Last but not least I wore my Nude, Faux Suede, Peep-Toe Laceup Sandals (they are DV by Target) and even-though you cannot tell I have on super-thin nude hosiery. And no I wasn't cold on the photos taken outside, despite the snow. That is because it was about 45 degrees and it is warm for us since mostly our temps this Winter have been below 15 degrees. I snapped a few photos for about 10 minutes without freezing (while I had the car running and getting warm) and then I left my home. Not pictured but I wore this LRD with this Blank NYC Black Moto Jacket and a Pink Floral Scarf over it, mixing sweet+girly with sexy edge. I had a great Valentine's day and dinner and like I said this pretty outfit got a lot of sweet compliments. What do you think?!

Today, I am also joining the "Spread the Kindness" Linkup hosted every Tuesday by my friend Shelbee, who is also a part of this Red Dress collaboration and her story is a little more personal too, so go ahead and join our linkup today and read Shelbee's post. Shelbee and I are totally spreading kindness and positivism today in our blogs with our beautiful red outfits. Shelbee is always such a positive, upbeat, genuine, wonderful person actually. I cannot wait to see what you are all styling, wearing and doing lately! Thank you for reading! Happy Tuesday!!

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